Camp Yaldei highlights

As we gear up for the upcoming school year, we can’t help but look back on an incredible summer. This past summer, we ran both a sleep-away and day camp! Both were exceptional experiences for the kids as well as the staff. Take a look at what was happening in our camp’s this summer:

Camp Yaldei – Sleep-away fun in the Laurentian mountains

 directors desk

Camp Yaldei is a unique experience where the children join us for 4 weeks in Quebec’s country side. The ratio of staff per child is 2 to 1. The children get to experience activities, playtime, swimming, and trips.

This year we took the  children to Père Noël, Aux Pays des Merveilles, Mont Blanc Jungle Magique, parks and carnivals. At every place we went to, we were complimented on how special the staff was in taking care of the  children. This is testimony to how our summer went.

We started each day with singing circle time, and ended the day with quiet, down time, where we would sing the children to sleep. We sung and dance the day through during all activities. Our goal is to give the parents respite, but every staff member was there truly felt the warmth of giving and receiving.

We are never sure who gains more the  children or the staff.

Chana Devora Treisser, Camp Director

Camp Yaldei- Day camp in the city

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