It’s important to read

Reading exposes children to all sorts of different language that they normally wouldn’t hear. We speak differently when we read as it requires us to use different vocabulary and sentence structure. In the same way that typically developing children need to learn to read in order to have access to a vocabulary that will teach them to learn from reading, Yaldei’s children, who have developmental challenges, need another source of input and books provide something that they wouldn’t necessarily get from the outside world. First they learn to read and then they read to learn.

“Books are an important part of any child’s development,” said Lisa Hamaoui, whose daughter Leah attends Ecole Yaldei. “For children with special needs perhaps even more so. Every time Leah turns a page she gets a new experience and learns something different.”

Please watch our video below to see how purchasing books through the Indigo Adopt a School Program can help our special children.

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