Sandplay is an exciting medium that is used to address children’s social, emotional and sensory needs. Within this process, the child is offered a tray of sand and an array of figurines to choose from. The child is then invited to set up a scene and to make a story in the sand.

Sandplay can be adapted to the needs of children who are functioning at many different levels. Some children are attracted to the sensory aspects of the sand and figurines and enjoy handling and manipulating them. Others are drawn to the narrative possibilities that the characters offer, using them to create stories through which they express their own thoughts, emotions and experiences. Working with children in this way allows the therapist to better understand the child’s inner world and to help the child to work through issues within the context of play. Sandplay also provides opportunities for the child to interact with a play partner (the therapist or another child), which can increase the child’s ability to share, take turns, follow someone else’s lead and be more flexible and spontaneous in his or her play.

Sessions are offered in English or French.