Speech therapy is one of the many therapies offered at Yaldei- and all under one roof.

When people think about speech therapy, they immediately think of articulation. However, speech therapy works for more than just pronunciation. It also works on problems in the area of voice, language, fluency, pragmatics, literacy and some oral motor skills.

Speech impairment can lead to low confidence levels in a child as he or she may feel different from their peers. With proper speech therapy at the right time, you can help ensure that your child develops normally and grows into a confident person.

Articulation therapy is a part of speech therapy and helps a person to learn how to pronounce sounds and improve speech intelligibility. Language therapy on the other hand, treats receptive language (i.e. comprehension) and expressive language (i.e. vocabulary, grammar) or a combination of both. Voice therapy treats disorders associated with how the voice sounds (e.g. pitch, quality). Fluency therapy helps a person to speak more fluently and easily (e.g. treat stuttering or cluttering). Pragmatic therapy helps to improve social skills. Oral motor therapy and swallowing therapy teaches the person to use and strengthen the muscles in the mouth which help with feeding difficulties, oral/tactile defensiveness, swallowing and other musculo-skeletal tongue and jaw difficulties. Speech therapy can be given to both children and adults, but the sooner in life a person undergoes such therapy the better. Sometimes speech and language impairments are a result of a brain injury in which case therapy can help to restore normal speech to a great extent.