Feuerstein Mediated Learning Experience

The Feuerstein Mediated Learning Experience


The Yaldei Developmental Center has found success with children and students of all abilities and all types of backgrounds; including those with developmental delays, specific learning disabilities, as well as those who are simply unorganized, unmotivated and/or underperforming. We have found success in traditional school settings, clinical settings and in home based programs.

When the learner is appropriately guided, he or she develops the capacity and ability to apply the principles learned to other problems or situations where it is appropriate. As a result of the cognitive and motivational growth stimulated by Instrumental Enrichment, students change from passive recipients of information to confident, active learners eager to master increasingly challenging academic tasks.

The Feuerstein Mediated Learning Experience

The role of the child / learner and teacher differ from those in conventional education in that sessions are very interactive, students are never passive, their participation is essential. While teachers in conventional education act as “facilitators”, teachers who use the Feuerstein method are called “mediators” because they help their students learn how to think and they teach them how to learn. They assist the pupils by filtering the information and guiding them through exercises, they show them specific methods for interpreting information and problem solving.

The program motivates learners, it doesn’t encourage competition. FIE (Feuerstein’s Instrument Enrichment) enhances academic success and reduces behavior problems.

The program can be used in group settings or individually in a clinical setting.

  • Increases each student’s confidence as an active learner.
  • Provides students with learning and thinking strategies.
  • Develops intrinsic motivation for learning, academic work, and challenging problem solving in all areas (school and the social world).
  • Creates more efficient learners that allow for faster and deeper learning in the curriculum.
  • Enables students to accept greater responsibility for their learning and behaviour.



  • Remedial programs for special needs children.
  • Cognitive rehabilitation of brain injured individuals and psychiatric patients.
  • Learning enhancement programs for immigrant and cultural minority students.
  • Enrichment programs for underachieving, regular and gifted children.
  • Professional training and retraining programs in the industrial, military, and business sectors.


Professor Reuven Feuerstein (1921-2014)

Professor Reuven Feuerstein was the Founder and Chairman of the Feuerstein Institute. A clinical, developmental and cognitive psychologist, he is responsible for the vision, concepts, practices and substance of what makes up the Feuerstein Method. Professor Feuerstein was renowned for his ground-breaking work in demonstrating that intelligence is not fixed but modifiable. In 1992, Professor Feuerstein was awarded the Israel Prize for Social Sciences. In 2012, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Dr. Reuven Feuerstein’s Theory of Structural Cognitive Modifiability is transforming the world of education and laying the foundation for the fullest possible human development of each individual. It is not news that it is possible to find a way for everyone to learn, yet too often we fail to act on that truth.

Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment (FIE) which was developed more than forty years ago enjoys a worldwide reputation for its success with low-performing individuals. Feuerstein’s work has seriously challenged the belief that intelligence is fixed and cannot be changed.

FIE programs are built on the idea that intelligence is dynamic and modifiable, not static or fixed. The FIE program seeks to correct deficiencies in fundamental thinking skills and provide students with the concepts, skills, strategies, operations and techniques necessary to function as independent learners. FIE increases motivation, develops students’ metacognition, and it helps the student learn how to learn more efficiently.

Instrumental Enrichment materials and manuals have received worldwide recognition and have been translated into all the major languages including Braille.

The main goal of FIE is to improve ALL learning capabilities in ALL individuals.

Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment (FIE) is a cognitive intervention program that enhances the cognitive skills necessary for independent thinking and learning. It focuses on developing the cognitive tools necessary for success in the 21st century. FIE has been used both individually and in the classroom framework with people of all challenges and strengths.