Testimonial: Dr. Eric Fombonne, Director of the Department of Psychiatry for The Montreal Children’s Hospital and Canada Research Chair in Child Psychiatry

Since its inception, Yaldei has been at the forefront of Early Intervention in Quebec. Over the years, the programs and facilities offered by Yaldei have been meeting the needs of highly vulnerable children who otherwise were not receiving services. They have helped many families bypass the long wait times that unfortunately are a reality in our province, and they have done so while continually implementing the most advanced and innovative proven treatment methods from around the world.

Yaldei takes a holistic approach to caring for each child. They offer a range of therapies that permits them to develop a tailored program for individualized care. In assessing and planning, they gauge not only the child’s areas of weakness, but their often overlooked strengths as well. Theirs is an ongoing process of monitoring and adapting; as the child evolves, so does the program.

One thing that impressed me about Yaldei is the effort they put into ensuring that the individualized program bridges out to other settings- such as the child’s home and integrated school environment.  In order to accomplish this, Yaldei focuses on a patient and family-centered approach. They empower the families by providing them with education, training, and support. The parents become part of a team that is composed of clinical staff, therapists, and early-intervention educators. This is crucial because consistency is an important factor in skill development.

Yaldei staff provides a warm and caring environment for the children, and because they spend so many hours with them, they are able to develop very close relationships. The connection between the staff and children is quite strong. Intensive one-on-one care allows them to see the children’s growth over time. In fact, their progress is followed from beginning to end, even after the children are integrated into schools. Whether the therapist is working in the home or school with a child in a cognitive-based program, or at the Center in an intensive interdisciplinary therapeutic environment, the level of attention and care is exceptional.

Yaldei’s program embodies the principles that are recognized worldwide as being critical for adequately promoting the development of children with developmental and learning delays of different origins. I very much hope that this program will be regarded as a model of intervention programs that could be replicated in other areas of the province. I also hope that the quality of this program is fully recognized by the public authorities and funded by them, as it ought to be.


Dr. Eric Fombonne

Director of the Department of Psychiatry for The Montreal Children’s Hospital and Canada Research Chair in Child Psychiatry