“Yaldei’s program embodies the principles that are recognized worldwide as being critical for adequately promoting the development of children with developmental and learning delays of different origins. I very much hope that this program will be regarded as a model of intervention programs that could be replicated in other areas of the province. I also hope that the quality of this program is fully recognized by the public authorities and funded by them, as it ought to be.” – Dr. Eric Fombonne, Director of the Department of Psychiatry for The Montreal Children’s Hospital and Canada Research Chair in Child Psychiatry  Read full letter of reference from Dr. Eric Fombonne

The Donald Berman Yaldei Developmental Center has truly transformed our lives. Yaldei is a state-of-the-art center whose innovative approaches in the field of child development have permitted our son, Arnaud, to take great leaps toward independence and autonomy. At Yaldei, we were welcomed with open arms. Our interactions with the therapists and educators and the love they demonstrate for the center’s children, have given us the courage to continue to invest with hope in the development of our child.” -Marie Chantal Ledoux (parent)

The first time Leah walked down the hallway at Yaldei was a miracle. It wasn’t even seeing her walk that was amazing, but the feeling of everyone around me..educators, therapists and staff all embraced me as if they were just as happy as I was..that it was as much their success as it was ours and Leah’s.” – Mrs. Lisa Hamaoui (parent)

Yaldei cannot imagine to what extent they have changed our quality of life.” – Mrs. Dorit Getzler (parent)