What is Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT)?

·     Our Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program at the Center emphasizes the use of Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT). Developed by Robert Koegel and Lynn Kern Koegel at the University of California, PRT is based on the principles of ABA and has grown internationally. PRT is one of the few recognized and recommended models for children with ASD and their families.

·     PRT uses a naturalistic method of teaching which focuses on pivotal behaviors. Changes in these pivotal behaviors result in widespread gains in communication, social and several other behavioral domains including (but not limited to) motivation, responsitivity to multiple cues, self-management and initiations. This occurs in everyday routines and interactions as well as across varied settings.

·     The underlying strategies of PRT are incorporated throughout interventions as often as possible. These include child choice, task variation, interspersing maintenances tasks, rewarding attempts as well as the use of natural reinforcers.


For more information and current research visit the website of the Koegel Autism Center: http://education.ucsb.edu/autism/