ABOUT Occupational Therapy

The focus of our occupational therapy program is to provide tools that children need to achieve optimal independence in their daily life. Our goal is to ensure that each child develops the skills they need to engage and excel at everyday activities. This therapy is particularly valuable to children in the transitional stage between infancy to toddlerhood, or preschool children transitioning to kindergarten, as well as elementary school children.


Acquired Skills

  • gross motor skills;

  • fine motor skills;

  • Sensory processing

  • visual perceptual skills;

  • self-care skills;

  • organization;

  • handwriting;

  • concentration;

Who Benefits?

Children with:

  • behavioural problems;

  • learning disabilities;

  • physical handicaps;

  • dyspraxia (coordination disorder);

  • sensory processing disorders;

  • autism

  • developmental delays

  • genetic syndromes