Director of School and Rehabilitative Services

Risa Plotnick

514 279-3666 ext: 223

Student Services & Admission

Chanie Klein

514 279-3666 ext: 228

Educational Team

Coordinator of Student Services

Tania D'Alesio

Head Teacher-Enseignante Principale

Sonja Washer

Board Certified Phycologist and Behaviour Analysis Doctorate (BCBAD)

Dr. Sylvie Donnais

Therapeutic Team

Speech Therapy

Amy Dhindsa

Occupational Therapy

Laura Fregeau | Julia Catalfamo


Barbara Nadler | Christine Harvey

Art Therapy

Leah Bender

Music Therapy

Helene Gaudreau

Massage Therapy

Mindy Zimmerman

Board Certified Behavioural Analyst

Sunbul Rai

Applied Behavioural Analysis Therapists

Corinne Lalonde | Vanessa Raimo | Linda DeFazio | Mathilde Bourdil | Severine Manchaud

Esther Rozansky I Shaindy Schwartz | Rochel Esther Kraus | Ekaterina Alandinskaya

Behavioural Technicians

Ashley Alaire | Alexandra Maziotis | Samantha Sciacca