School Support

Throughout our years of working with families, we have noticed a recurring theme: inclusion is not just a school issue — it extends to the communities in which children and their families live and reflects the families’ need for their child’s participation and acceptance in community, religious and family activities.

Yaldei’s School Support and Consultation Program serves children so that they can attend daycare or elementary school. The child attends school with an educator, whose role is to facilitate the child’s integration into the school setting of their parent’s choice. The educator works closely with the classroom teachers so that all the appropriate supports and strategies are carried out in order to ensure the development and inclusion of the special child. The goal is not only to promote independence, academic advancement and skill development, but to build friendships as well.

The program includes the following services:

  • IEP (determined by school) & planning meetings developed in conjunction with Yaldei staff, therapists and school personnel

  • Educator Support and Training

  • Classroom modification and support; teaching strategies that help the staff in educating the special learner

  • On site visits & follow up to ensure that we are always there to support any challenges that might develop

  • Research & information; educating school personnel regarding conditions or diagnosis

The benefits of our program are numerous. Feedback from our participating schools is very positive and conclusive; it’s definitely a win-win situation. Our children benefit from having typical children as role models from whom they can learn new skills; skills that can help them become successful and independent, and their peers learn an invaluable lesson about respect, patience, inclusion and, most of all, diversity.

For more information, please contact (514) 279-3666 ext. 241.