Our Approach

Founded in 1997, Yaldei is known for promoting innovative approaches in early intervention practices. Our professional staff provides a full range of therapies, family support services, and mainstream integration programs using a family-centered approach. We tailor our services according to the specific needs of each child and family. We know that finding effective services creates a constant struggle for families and caregivers. Yaldei reduces the stress of that search by offering comprehensive evaluation, therapy and treatment programs for a wide range of disabilities all under one roof. We provide the most intensive program of one-to-one early intervention using a broad range of multidisciplinary approaches.

“Yaldei’s program embodies the principles that are recognized worldwide as being critical for adequately promoting the development of children with developmental and learning delays of different origins. I very much hope that this program will be regarded as a model of intervention programs that could be replicated in other areas of the province.”
— Dr. Eric Fombonne, Former Director of the Department of Psychiatry for The Montreal Children’s Hospital & Canada Research Chair in Child Psychiatry

We are dedicated to ensuring that families have access to coordinated, supportive, educational and therapeutic services that are geared not only to the child’s individual needs but also to changing the quality of life for the family.

One of our biggest strengths is that we are a team in the true sense of the word. We work together; learn from each other’s observations and advances; and are open to creative solutions. We have meetings on a regular basis where the supervisor takes note of where we are in terms of our goals for each child. Because our therapists and educators work so closely with each other- and the parents/caregivers- we are able to monitor and adapt the program as the child’s needs change. The environment at Yaldei is dynamic and fluid. We believe in change.

At Yaldei, we feel the best way to treat any child is through a holistic approach. We look at the child as a whole and take into consideration not only their weaknesses, but their strengths as well. This permits us to be more precise in developing an intervention plan. Our team of experts and educators treat the entire child, and not just each individual issue that makes up their disability. Yaldei’s integration of advanced clinical, behavioral, educational and family support services provides children with the opportunity to learn how to walk, talk, play, attend school and lead productive lives as part of their community.


We provide services to children with varying needs:

• Autism Spectrum Disorders

• Global Developmental Delay

• Down Syndrome and other genetic-based disorders

• Social/Emotional

• Learning

• Behaviour

• Communication

• Motor Function

For more information on our programs and services, please contact us or request a consultation.