Yaldei Plus is an initiative that allows parents and families a well-deserved reprieve.

The following is brief outlines of the programs we offer:

Home Respite

Our Home Respite Program allows Yaldei families a short reprieve either in the home of the child or by taking the child outside of their home. Volunteers are sent on a steady basis and tend to basic needs such as mealtime, play, bathing, bedtime etc. We carefully assign and oversee a volunteer to each family, making sure she is well informed with regard to the child’s condition and feels comfortable with the tasks assigned. In this way, the volunteer will establish a close connection with both the family and the child. Alternatively, the volunteer may be assigned to offer homework help for the Yaldei child’s siblings.

Weekend Respite

Yaldei Weekend Respite is a winning program on all accounts! Our volunteers thrive on the power of giving, our kids love spending the weekend with friends, and our parents enjoy a full weekend reprieve with the knowledge that their child is in the greatest hands! Throughout the weekend, the house operates on a regular weekend schedule in addition to the various planned activities. Each volunteer is committed to attending Yaldei Weekend Respite for at least half of the weekend. Our team of supervisors guides all volunteers on a rotating basis so that no volunteer is left without direction. Weekends are always special, but a weekend with Yaldei is so much more!

Sunday Funday

Our Sunday Funday activities begin at 11am and end at 1pm every Sunday of the year. Program supervisors will have a fun filled program prepared which may include: sensory activities, games, arts and crafts, etc.

If you are interested in being part of this program, click for the Yaldei Plus Application and send it to yaldeiplus@yaldei.org.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns:

Mrs. Zimmerman, Weekend Respite Coordinator

Mrs. Treisser , Camp and Respite Director

Esther G. Szncier, Respite Coordinator

514.279.3666 or email yaldeiplus@yaldei.org